Married and Waiting For Kids

Married and want to wait to have kids but there is pressure and majority of your friends all have kids.

When your Instagram is filled with videos of your friend’s kids

At 32 it should come as no shock that majority of my friends are either pregnant or have kids. Over 3 years of marriage and my age qualify me for baby time. While I know I want kids one day, I also know the day isn’t today.

People are constantly asking me when I am going to get pregnant or people just assume I’m trying. If I don’t have a drink at an event, people ask if I’m pregnant. In fact, I have even been asked by two bosses if I was pregnant. I even think some people might assume my husband and I might be having fertility problems because of our marriage length and age.

“In fact, I have even been asked by two bosses if I was pregnant. “

To be honest I love my life right now. I am finally a secure, confident female who enjoys exploring new opportunities and meeting new people. I’m also finally making nice money, excelling at business, and my marriage is fun because we have the freedom and means to do what we want. In all honesty I wish I had more time before I had to become pregnant. Recently there has been an increase in people having kids at 40 and older, but there are some risk associated with that and I do want my kids to know my parents. Therefore my window for becoming pregnant is upon me.

This is just another chapter some women go through. I’m stressed, worried and excited all at the same time. I know it will happen, but I think I will enjoy one more year of my freedom.

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