The Idea

Have you ever been at a dinner party with your significant other and begin to bond with another couple over similar annoyances about your spouse? People relate to one another over issues they have in common and it doesn’t matter who you are, what race you are or your background – everyone has relationship issues. It hit home when someone close to Vanessa started to struggle in their marriage. She couldn’t understand why there wasn’t a destination with aggregated resources. Her close friend was in search for answers. She knew there had to be a way to help not just her friend, but others dealing with relationship challenges. Finding the right help whether it’s content, counselor or therapist shouldn’t be difficult. there was a demand and a supply convenience issue. Vanessa shared the idea with her teammate Karly, a developer and UX designer who saw the opportunity. Shortly after Mike joined the team to help us develop the vision. From there they performed user studies to gauge interest and then….

Going for it

During nights and weekends Vanessa, Karly and Mike started to work on the content and prototype. They spoke with relationship experts including marriage counselors, divorce attorneys, and couples therapists. They hoped to have enough resources to develop something that would be impactful.


Vanessa, Karly and Mike’s research concluded that relationships are complicated and there isn’t a guide to help you. Some people want to browse relevant stories to help give them confirmation, while others prefer expert advice to help empower them. The purpose of New Chapter is to supply aggregated advice and support.


New Chapter’s goal is simple, create the largest relationship resource to help empower people. Through customer engagement, surveys and on-going development New Chapter will deliver new content and products that will help ease the relationship stages of life. Our users come first, so we are always open to constructive feedback.

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Vanessa, Karly & Mike