Top 5 Actions For People Thinking About Divorce

Everyone thinks about divorce. NewChapter is here to help you learn about your options including the first 5 actions people take in divorce.

The dishes are still in the sink that you cleaned 2 days ago, the dog hasn’t been walked and something doesn’t seem right…

You can’t help but wonder if divorce is the right answer.  An array of feelings happens at this stage; sadness, anger, betrayal, fear and even embarrassment. It can be difficult to talk about this with friends and family. Don’t make a sudden decision from these emotional stages. First educate yourself with the following 5 options.

1) I’m not perfect, but who are we kidding, neither are you.

Seek out a marriage counselor: Sometimes involving a counselor can help couples talk about what is actually going on. Divorce is a serious measure and it might be avoidable if you can work through the relationship issues. Marriage counselors have seen it all, so don’t be embarrassed. Plus, if you and your partner decide to move forward with a divorce, a marriage counselor can provide advice for next steps and best practices if children are involved.

2) Bring it Back to Center

Counseling for yourself or spouse

On the other hand, sometimes a spouse doesn’t want to go to marriage counseling or it can be nerve-wrenching to bring up to a spouse. You can always seek out help by yourself first. A lot of times one person is unhappy, depressed, insecure, or have other issues. It’s important to identify if it’s the relationship or your own issues causing these feelings. Professional help is confidential and can give you a biased opinion on your situation.

3) When your spouse booked first class…

Understand your financial situation whether it’s just you and your spouse or you have children. Go through your bank accounts, credit cards and see what debt you may have. You will inherit half of the debt. If you have children try to estimate how much you spend a month on them. Lastly, prepare for your first lawyer consultation by creating a list of questions. Do research online for your state specifically.

4) Who gets the frequent flyer miles

Receive a free consultation with a divorce attorney to understand your state laws. Create a list of questions to prepare for your meeting. NewChapter has a few here, but feel free to add based on your situation.

5) The 5 P’s (Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance)

Do your research. Explore the other offerings from NewChapter. Other great sites include divorce laws by state, and divorce lawyer reviews. This will help prepare you for whatever you decide.

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