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Community Post Guidelines:
No matter what relationship chapter you’re in, entering or curious about, NewChapter’s confidential and safe community is here to help!

Community Post Layout  

Make sure to Include the following:

  • A descriptive title summarizing the problem or question
  • A detailed description of your situation. The more detailed the more advice and support!
  • A question or advice request for others to reply
  • Feel free to update previous posts. The community wants to hear about your NewChapters. Link to the previou post.
  • All comments should be relevant

Do Not Post the Following:

  • Questionless posts or rants
  • Name calling, shaming, insults, harassment or threats
  • Unsolicited advice
  • Request for followers, stories, polls etc.
  • Suicide or violence suggestions; joking or not
  • Stereotyping a gender, race or other group

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